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Departments and what they mean

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1 Departments and what they mean on Sun Jan 03, 2016 1:30 pm

Departments divide up the work on CCG Live into different categories. Each department has a Department Chair, who is basically the head. You can contribute to any department, however we will be more effective if you dedicate yourself to a select few.

Planner's Hub:
Department Chair: [None, yet...]
In charge of integrating the other departments together and directing the workflow. Anyone can offer their ideas, however, only accepted ideas count as contributions (this is to discourage bad ideas counting as contributions). People here communicate with the different departments, plan which features get created first / last, and generally work as the glue between the master plan and everyone.

Programmer's Shack:
Department Chair: Seattleite
People here discuss programming objectives or challenges. If you want to be a programmer, you should download Unity(5.3). Code can be shared in posts here - if there are lots of programmers, then something more sophisticated (GitHub, etc) will be used.  The main game uses C#. You don't have to be an expert in C# to program - a lot can be done just using Unity. You might just fiddle with Unity, discover something cool, and report it back here for other programmers to try.

Common tasks include: Creating animations in Unity, improving the AI, fixing bugs reported by the testers, and actually including the things produced by other departments. However, most of the game basics are already there.

Artist's Canvas
Department Chair: [None, yet...]
Share maps, sprites, images, and other visual media. Because of how time-consuming 3D art can be, the overworld maps are created using TileD, which can be imported into the game. Free sprites, map objects (such as trees, rocks) are available on many websites. Card images are available on sites like DeviantArt (be careful of fair use, though)

Mixer's Studio
Department Chair: [None, yet...]
Share music, sound effects, and other auditory media. Creating original work is cool, but we know it's time-consuming and difficult. So, most SFX will come from searching websites that offer them for free (be careful of fair use!). Unity supports aif, .wav, .mp3, and .ogg extensions. You can convert between extensions using sites like

Scripter's Pad
Department Chair: [None, yet...]
Share and discuss scripts for card effects / dialogue. Most of the "programming" work will be done here. CCGLive uses JavaScript, along with some special functions to control the flow of effects / dialogue. Tutorials on what these functions are and how to use them are found in the department. If there's a function you'd like to be included that doesn't exist yet, you can suggest it here.

It's recommended to script your own cards, because you know exactly how they should work.

Author's Corner
Department Chair: [None, yet...]
In charge of creating the actual dialogue for characters and directing the plot. This includes the minor characters' dialogue (like what they say when you duel them) and also what the main character is supposed to do, and when.

Also in charge of making deck lists for AIs, designing the card pack lists, and other design choices.

Tester's Room
Department Chair: [None, yet...]
Test the game and report your findings to other departments. This includes bugs (include how to reproduce the bug), design choices that didn't quite work, or how fun the game was. To count as a contribution, the testing should be thorough in some area, not just a one-time playthrough (this is to discourage incomplete bug reports or vague design suggestions)

Other (Not departments, but can count as contributions, determined on a case-by-case basis):

Sharing your deck
Creating strategy guides
Report cards as underpowered / overpowered / badly worded / wrong rarity

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