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A yugioh-like ccg game where we compile custom cards, art, maps, storyline, etc. into one cohesive game

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Mission Statement

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1 Mission Statement on Wed Jan 13, 2016 2:22 pm

Why we exist
Creating cards is fun. There's even a whole website dedicated to creating Yugioh cards (YCM)

Naturally, it's where many CCGs (Created Card Games) have appeared. People get together and duel with their custom cards. It's especially fun for people who aren't happy where mainstream Yugioh is going. We're taking the game back from all the marketing and the revenue strategies.

Now it's time to take it to the next level. The mainstream still has video games on their side, until now. CCGLive is the immersive experience of a video game, set to your own creations. We exist because this is lots of fun, and we know you'll like it too!

Why the rules are different
I (Seattleite) have been in Yugioh CCGs for a long time. No matter the cards, the same problems pop up:
* Too difficult to come back from a losing hand
* Generic Spells & Traps can't be "ranked" according to power, so only 'staples' get the attention
* LP is too irrelevant
* DEF is too irrelevant (and increasingly, ATK)
* Type & Attribute become increasingly arbitrary as decks and archetypes must follow a pattern in order to stay good. Level becomes arbitrary when effects and special summons matter most.

The new rules aim to fix these issues. If you're uncomfortable with them, play the game and see if you enjoy it. If you're still uncomfortable, we can revise the rules.

Who's in charge
I may have founded CCGLive, but I take a mostly backseat to managing. My philosophy is that this project should be fun, and being put in a hierarchy is not fun. My purpose as founder is to serve you guys, listen to the different ideas, and do the rare forum administration.

However, we still need order, so that's why we have department chairs. The department chairs oversee the department, noticing what needs to be done. It's a position of 90% responsibility and 10% power.

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