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Card Submission rules

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1 Card Submission rules on Fri Jan 08, 2016 7:53 pm

* A new thread will be made for submissions.

* Card Submission only happens when we're making a new chapter.

* Card Submission is only for contributors. For ideas on how to contribute, see this.

* Moderators will look over your contributions and determine if you can submit cards. We do this for every chapter.

* You can submit anytime after you've been approved for card submission and before the chapter is completed. If cards are deemed vague, overpowered or impossible to script at this time, you will be notified in the submission thread. It is your responsibility to defend them or change them before the chapter is completed.

* Keep all your cards in 1 post.

* No new Types/Attributes/mechanics until discussed & approved in the Planner's Hub subforum.

* No direct pop-culture-to-game equivalents (i.e. "Naruto" archetype) until discussed & approved in the Planner's Hub subforum.

* No political, religious or other controversial cards (mythology and history is OK)

* Follow the cards-per-creator limit and any other restrictions (often we require certain types of cards to be made first, before any others)

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