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Game Rules (and how they differ from Yugioh)

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1 Game Rules (and how they differ from Yugioh) on Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:28 am

Rule #1:
Each player has Ability Points (AP) and Capacity Points (CP). Both players start with 0. During their Draw Phase, after they draw,
* CP is increased by 1.
* AP becomes equal to CP.

You can think of it like a Mana system - indeed the concept was borrowed from Astral Masters, a simpler Magic the Gathering-like game. Except you don't have to play lands or sacrifice cards (but there are cards which can manipulate AP and CP)

Normal Summons and Sets are done using AP instead. You must pay AP equal to that monster's level to Normal Summon/Set that monster.
This allows you to (in the late game) summon many Low-Levels or one High-Level monster, all in 1 turn.

Spells & Traps may also have a level. Pay AP at the time of activation.

Rule #2:

In a battle, ATK is compared to ATK for damage to a player. The ATK of each monster is compared to the DEF of the other monster to determine if it's destroyed.

If you're attacking a Defense position monster, calculate it the same, except 1. Your monster is never destroyed, and 2. Your opponent doesn't take damage



Witch of the Black Forest (1100/1400) attacks Sangan (1000/600). Sangan is destroyed (1100 ATK > 600 DEF) and that person takes 100 damage (1100 ATK - 1000 ATK)

The End of Anubis (2500/0) attacks Giant Soldier of Stone (1300/2000). Both monsters are destroyed (2500 ATK > 2000 DEF, 1300 ATK > 0 DEF), and the Giant Soldier of Stone player takes 1200 damage (2500 ATK - 1300 ATK)

Sangan (1000/600) attacks Sangan (1000/600). Both are destroyed (1000 ATK > 600 DEF) but neither player takes damage (1000 ATK = 1000 ATK)

Gene-Warped Warwolf (2000/100) attacks Banisher of the Light (100/2000).  Neither is destroyed (2000 ATK = 2000 DEF, 100 ATK = 100 DEF) but the Banisher of the Light player takes 1900 damage (2000 ATK - 100 ATK)

Rule #3

Since the meaning of levels has completely changed, we can't have traditional Tribute Summons anymore. Instead, some monsters will say "This card can be Tribute Summoned/Set", which now means "Tribute monsters on the field whose levels are equal to or greater than this monster's". This is an alternate way of summoning it that does not require AP.

Rule #4
Field Spell Cards are unaffected by cards that don't specify "field spell cards". Each player can only control 1 field spell.

Miscellaneous Rules

* There is no "Missing the Timing"
* Cards can have multiple Types and Attributes. This isn't an effect, and can't be negated.
* Equip Trap cards exist

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